Frequently asked

Are you trying to sell a residence in Massachusetts ASAP?

Good luck, the typical procedure to put your residence up for sale is usually painstaking as there’re a number of steps you must follow:

  1. Spruce up and clean the building
  2. Find a reliable and skillful representative capable of selling your residence in a flash
  3. Agree to a contract binding you to said representative for a pre-defined period of time
  4. Deal with documentation
  5. Wait
  6. Speculate

Yep, you can deal with all of this or, you can have Newton House Buyers assist you, allowing you to sit back and relax. No waiting, no wondering, no paperwork and, no cleaning! We offer you cash for your old residence no matter the problem. Seriously, regardless of the problem (no matter how extensive the damage). Most importantly, you will receive equitable deals from Newton House Buyers as, at the end of the day, nobody enjoys feeling cheated out of a deal, let alone a house.

What happens if I remain in a rush to sell?

We’ll provide you with an honest deal on your residence within twenty-four hours or less for a reasonable amount. Afterward, it’s entirely up to you to decide exactly how fast you want your home out of your life; you can make the call and, we’ll follow up with you. Unlike with prospective buyers where you have to wait for them to come up with the funds, we already have the funds, making it so you won’t need to depend on the buyer’s credit score to move on with your life. Reduce your workload in a matter of days by selling your Massachusetts residence through us.

What if I’m going through tough times?

Life happens, we understand. Separation, relocating, mortgage concerns, repossession, and liens can all be sources of anguish particularly if you are trying to move on from these circumstances. Save your time, energy as well as sanity, by allowing Newton House Buyers to purchase your Massachusetts residence. The last thing you want to have to handle is unpredictable customers attempting to pressure you into reducing your price, while playing mind games with you amid negotiations.

What about examiners?

At Newton House Buyers, the specialist are inspectors, for this reason, inspection will come at no extra cost. Additionally, you won’t have to attract potential customers as our team has the skill and knowledge to help you sell your property and provide you with cash as soon as possible.

What are your charges?

We don’t have any. Shortest answer on the planet right? Click here to access a cross-comparison graph to see exactly how Newton House Buyers gathers funds through common Massachusetts agent procedure.

What should I do Now?

You have three choices to choose from:

  1. Call 617-694-7356 for any questions or additional information about selling your place through Newton House Buyer alternatively, we can schedule a walk-through of your residence.
  2. Email us at [email protected] to arrange and schedule a “viewing” (which we believe will lead to a sale) of your home
  3. Fill out this form to give us more information on your home so we can start the process ASAP!